Employees in the mining industry globally are among the happiest and most productive, according to a new study from the iOpener Institute for People and Performance.

The cross-industry study analysed responses from over 30 000 management interviews.

Productivity was measured as ‘time on task’, with an all-sectors average of 58.8%. Mining scored a ‘time on task’ of 62.1%.

Strong correlation

The sector analysis revealed a strong correlation between happiness at work, energy and engagement levels and productivity (or ‘time on task’).

The most productive sectors are food services, retail, healthcare/medical, education and consulting.

Least productive

The least productive sectors are pharmaceutical/chemical, internet companies, utilities, real estate and biotech.

The top countries for personal productivity are Mexico, South Africa, Colombia, Denmark and The Netherlands.

Bottom of the pile

At the bottom of the pile are Germany, Argentina, Japan, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

Jessica Pryce-Jones, founder-director of the iOpener Institute, and author of ‘Happiness at Work – Maximising Your Psychological Capital for Success’, said the findings offer organisations a contextual starting point.

Mining productivity

“Those in mining can ascertain how they measure up when compared to their sector and country averages, and tailor their productivity initiatives accordingly,” she told mining.com.

While the mining industry can be proud of its high score, “there is still room for further improvement, particularly as rising costs and supply and demand imbalances make for a challenging market.”

This is especially true in South Africa, where the platinum sector has been hobbled by an ongoing wage strike.