The Uongozi Institute of Tanzania, which exists to support Africa leaders to attain sustainable development for their nation, is currently doing a benchmarking exercise for the extractive sector on behalf of the Government.

The institute is designing a programme that will help government scale up its negotiation skills in the extractive sector, while assisting Government bureaucrats sharpen their skills on policy frameworks, contracts and transactions, among other things.

The benchmarking exercise will look at weaknesses and strengths of the sector, with the view to formulating a programme that addresses the existing challenges in the industry.

Formulating legislation

Uongozi Institute CEO Prof Joseph Semboja said that as the Government proceeds with formulating legislation and policy for the sector, their input will be used through a panel of experts that advises Government on the same.

“We will come up with a purely technical report on all these issues including contracts, taxes, revenues, environment, local content, governance, management, among others,” he said.

Learning programme

Upon conclusion of the exercise, the institute will advise government on issues such as capacity building in the extractive sector and coordinating learning forums among other, stated Uongozi Institute researcher, Denis Rweyemamu.

The express focus of the institute is to support African leaders to develop national and organisational agendas and oversee the implementation of strategies, analyse local, global and regional developments and interpret their implications within national and organisational contexts, noted Semboja.

The Government-established agency, Uongozi receives support received from Nordic northern European country of Finland.