The Katanga Mining Week will be hosted from 28 to 29 October in DRC with an express focus on cutting-edge technology through various exhibitions and practical workshops for the mining industry.

‘Driving large scale mining through innovative technologies on the copper belt’ is the catchphrase of the Katanga Mining Week that concentrates on the strategic and technical mining operations specifically for the copper belt region.

Incredible growth

Event director Nicole Smith says the event has earned the support and loyalty of the industry and has made great strides over the past year’s since the inaugural event.

“The incredible growth of our event shows that it has become a crucial annual meeting for all the mining operators, services, technologies and equipment providers, looking forward to integrate the Copper Belt and meet with existing clients and prospective partners,” she explains.

Constantly in evolution

Kamoto Copper Company chairman Gustave Nzeng said the mining industry is constantly in evolution and attracts a considerable number of investors in the DRC region.

The Katanga Mining Week gives the opportunity for key decision makers to share their reflections and strategies to boost the mining sector, commented Nzeng.

The event will provide activities over four days for the entire copper and cobalt mining value chain, including a main conference addressing operational issues such as transport and energy infrastructure.

An outdoor exhibition and product demonstrations and site visits to mining operations in the province, as well as technical workshops on the expo floor also form part of the event.

Conference speakers include:

  • Moise Katumbi Chapwe: Governor of Katanga Province
  • Simon Tuma-Waku: Vice-President DRC Chamber of Mines
  • Audax Sompwe, Minister of Mines, Katanga Province
  • Oscar Melhado, Country representative, International Monetary Fund Representative, Gecamines, DRC.

“Not only are we gathering the key investors and mining companies of the DRC, we also attract companies and investors from South Africa, Zambia, Congo Brazzaville and France, participating in the increasing globalisation of the region,” commented Smith.

High-tech exhibition

The exhibition will showcase the high-tech products and services of 45 solution providers to the copper and cobalt mining sectors and more than 10 outdoor exhibitors, including DEM Group, Congo Equipment, Atlas Copco, AEL Mining Services, Bond Equipment, SMT Group and many other well-known names in the industry.

Free workshops will take place on the exhibition floor for all visitors, which will focus on key issues and challenges in the mining sector including daily operations, exploration and mining safety.