Mining and materials handling company Voith, has reported that an optimisation of their belt conveyor pulleys has resulted in the TurboBelt Hese pulleys.

The company stated that the optimised pulleys allow a long product lifecycle that can withstand tough conditions such as heat, extreme cold and humidity. Consequently, this substantially reduces maintenance and repair costs over the lifetime of the system compared to standard solutions.

Together with the pulleys, the company has also long provided top-line fluid couplings for use in belt conveyors, AFC and crusher drives

The company’s type TVVS Controlled-Fill Fluid Coupling model is used mainly in belt conveyor drives. These types of couplings are used to ensure smooth start-up, and to protect the drive against overload and dampen torsional vibration.

This protects your system and increases its productivity, thus preventing unplanned downtime and increasing the lifetime of drives.

The company’s offering includes components for mining systems underground and above ground, as well as engineering and deep system know-how.