Coal analysis firm, Umzamo Analytical Services (UAS), have opened a containerised analysis lab at Overlooked Colliery in Bethal to provide real time, on-site material analysis.

The leaders in coal sampling, analysis and laboratory concepts’ CEO and Founder, Audrey Ndlovu said, “The opening of the on-site lab at Overlooked complements our existing footprint of laboratories in Mpumalanga, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to our clients in the region.”

The onsite laboratory at the colliery will be staffed by fourteen lab technicians and client liaison personnel. “Having grown our staff complement by 20% over the past year, we are able to keep overall turnaround times to a minimum,” said Ndlovu.

The lab has been constructed within a container and its setup has been customised to meet the colliery’s exact needs.

“We believe in investing in infrastructure that will benefit our clients. Understanding the nature of the coal industry, we know how great the benefits are of fast turnaround time, having your results available onsite and having the opportunity to consult directly with the analysis technicians,” Ndlovu explained.

Ndlovu went on to say that the lab was set up very quickly, is fully operational and able to carry out the company’s full range of services. “Onsite we are currently providing reports to the staff at Overlooked every three hours which is a remarkable improvement on turnaround time. Off-site sampling and analysis can take up to a full working day due to various logistical factors.

“With six laboratory sites in place, UAS is well equipped to provide our clients with precise analysis and monitoring, thus enabling our clients to accurately market and value their coal,” concluded Ndlovu.