Furukawa has released unique excavator-mounted rock breakers which are proving to be extra-durable in the field enabling the machines a longer life span even after working in the hardest labour conditions.

The breaker range is light weight with harder hitting power, which means that smaller breakers are required to do the same work as bulkier counterparts from other manufacturers.

“The power-to-weight ratio of the Furukawa FXJ-range has a hammer weight to joules output that is unmatched in the industry. For the contractor, this means saving money on operating costs, diesel and in many instances, frees-up larger excavators for production work,” said James Linton, national product manager, ELB Equipment.

“Our breakers also transfer less shock to the excavator due to larger slip-buffer plates that eliminate impact recoil shock on the excavator’s boom. That means the Furukawa design is far more robust and reliable with considerably less maintenance required, as well as being smaller and less of a burden on the excavator,” he added.

ELB is the exclusive distributor of Furukawa rock breakers in Southern Africa. The company has a comprehensive range of Furukawa Rock Breakers and attachments for almost any application.