A councillor is among 11 people facing charges for public violence and malicious damage to property in Tigane near Klerksdorp, following a protest due to retrenchment of Shiva Mine employees, said North West police  on Wednesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Pelonomi Makau said the councillor is expected to appear in the Hartbeesfontein Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, and ten others are expected to appear in the Klerksdorp Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

She said a group of former employees of the Gupta owned Shiva Uranium Mine, embarked on a protest claiming that they were not paid after their retrenchment and that some did not receive letters of retrenchment.

It is reported that the employees earn R1 900 a month, which is below minimum wage.

Supported by the community of Tigane, the employees tried to march to Hartbeesfontein but police managed to stop them before they got into town where they allegedly intended to damage property.

It is reported that a police vehicle was damaged in the process.