Diamond miner Lucara announced on Friday that it has recovered a 472 carat, top light brown gem diamond, the third largest diamond ever recovered from its 100% owned Karowe Diamond Mine in central Botswana.

The Chief Executive Officer of Lucara, Eira Thomas, said in 2018 mining at Karowe is focused in the high value south lobe, which consistently delivers large high quality diamonds in excess of 10.8 carats in size.

He said the 472 carat is the third largest diamond ever recovered from the mine, and will be sold alongside other exceptional stones recovered since the beginning of the year as part of the first exceptional stone tender (EST) later in 2018.

Thomas said Lucara continues to focus on maximizing value at Karowe, where a pre-feasibility study assessing the potential for going underground and extending mine-life from 2026 to 2036 is well underway, and progressing on schedule for completion towards year-end.

In 2015, Lucara discovered the world’s second-largest gem-quality diamond at the same mine, which was sold to a London jeweller for $53 million (£39.5m).