Life After Coal campaign believes that even without taking into account the health, environmental, and climate change costs of its pollution, Eskom’s 2017/18 financial results show that it is in dire financial trouble, largely because of the escalating costs of Medupi and Kusile and the rising coal costs.

The organisation said urgent steps had to be taken to restore Eskom’s financial health. Ideally, it should be transformed into an organ of state that promotes clean, healthy, affordable energy for everyone.

Out with the old

Meridian Economics’ November 2017 report reached the ‘unavoidable conclusion’ that Eskom “is still spending vast amounts of capital on a power station construction programme that South Africa does not need and cannot afford.

The report found that decommissioning 3 stations and curtailing Kusile could lead to savings of between R15 and 17 billion – without affecting security of supply.

The Campaign also called for a meaningful programme for a just transition to a clean energy system, with social ownership to safeguard workers and communities.