Conveyor equipment manufacturer Melco will be exhibiting the world’s largest motorised pulley at the Electra Mining exhibition. The 250 kW Rulmeca motorised pulley, which weighs 4 980 kg, is ideally suited as a belt conveyor drive solution for large volumes of bulk material for mining applications.

“This particular model of motorised pulley is 1 000 mm in diameter with a 1 800 mm face length. It has a belt speed of 4 m/s, 3 000 Nm of torque and a belt pull of 58 800 Nm, making it the fastest and most powerful motorised pulley in the international market, and is capable of improving productivity and efficiency in African mining projects,” notes Melco product manager Bryan Krynauw.

According to Krynauw, motorised pulleys are the next step of advancement in the African mining sector, and he points out that the Rulmeca range of motorised pulleys come in power ranges varying from less than 1 kW to 250 kW, with pulley diameters ranging between 220 and 1 000 mm. “Only the shell of the motorised pulley moves when installed, which makes it an extremely safe design for any application. The compact design of the motorised pulley also makes it more cost-effective and easier to install, compared to standard pulleys,” he continues.

Krynauw points out that the Rulmeca motorised pulley is considered one of the most reliable, effective and safe conveyor drive systems in the world, thanks to its design, which encloses the drive and gearbox inside the drive pulley. “By enclosing all drive components within the pulley shell, the unit becomes considerably more compact and efficient. An added safety feature of the Rulmeca motorised pulley is the fact that all electromechanical components are sealed to IP67 standards within the steel pulley shell, thereby increasing reliability and operator safety, while minimising drive size and reducing noise.”

Melco MD Gavin Hall highlights the fact that the company will once again be exhibiting its internationally recognised range of rollers, idlers and frames, which have proven to be tried and trusted in the industry for more than 40 years.

Melco has been exhibiting at Electra Mining for a number of years, and we view the event as an important medium to strengthen our relationship with new and existing clients by meeting with them face-to-face on our stand. What’s more, Electra Mining attracts professionals from across the globe and serves as an important method of keeping clients up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in mining,” he says.

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