Becker Mining South Africa will be showcasing a range of EMIS electrical flameproof equipment, designed to enhance safety on the mines, at this year’s Electra Mining exhibition.

The company will also be launching a new EMIS ProLoc electronic protection and control relay system for optimum protection of motor and feeder circuits connected to outlet sockets. This system is suitable for thermal overload protection of conveyors, compressors, crushers, fan and pump motors, as well as shuttle cars and flitting panels.

EMIS flameproof transformers and switchgear combinations form a critical part of the company’s range. These compact switchgear units, with power ratings up to 4 000 kVA, are available with primary nominal voltages up to 11 kV and secondary nominal voltages up to 3.3 kV.

The EMIS range also encompasses conveyor starter and distribution panels, motor control centres, custom-designed electrical distribution boards and electrical panels, as well as isolators and enclosures. EMIS electrical products for non-hazardous areas include distribution, pump, winch, flitting and cage control panels, as well as lighting and accessories, and telemetry communication systems.

Becker Mining South Africa’s electronic communication and automation systems, which are carefully integrated with electric components, ensure optimum efficiency and enhanced safety in the mining sector.

Becker’s modular systems range from a simple single technology system to an integrated multi-technological system, and encompass all aspects of the most advanced mining communications and technology. These systems include leaky feeder communications systems, tagging and tracking systems, belt rip detection systems, environmental monitoring equipment, underground WLAN applications, and terrestrial radio and data equipment.

The company’s latest patented tri-technology Collision Avoidance System (CAS), which has been developed to overcome the limitations of existing systems, will be also be showcased at Electra. The CAS system provides levels of audible and visual warning proportional to the position of the threat and also has the ability to stop a vehicle, should this be necessary.

The company has also strengthened its position in the design and supply of hoist rope attachment systems by acquiring the exclusive rights for Pfeifer Drako steel wire hoist rope. The company’s range includes safety detaching hooks, mine winding components, friction winder attachments, cappels, clamps, compensating gear, mine winder brake components and guide rope attachments.

Becker steel arch haulage and tunnel permanent supports systems are designed for use in friable ground in haulages, incline shaft portals and special shafts.

Alert Pumpmor’s range of slurry, submersible, horizontal and vertical pumps efficiently copes with medium-, heavy- and severe-duty slurry pumping, as well as large and fibrous solids transfer. These pumps are also suitable for high-pressure slurry and dirty water transfer, as well as soft pumping applications and shear sensitive slurries.

Also on display will be Kito lifting equipment, which consists of Kito lever, chain and electric chain blocks; high-speed, low air consumption air hoists; as well as other mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

Becker Mining South Africa specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of energy distribution, automation, communication, transportation and roof support systems in underground mining infrastructure systems.

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