Africa, to a large extent, is the last truly untapped minerals rich continent. While the majority of the South African mining industry are not taking advantage of this fact, minerals processing equipment supplier Roymec Technologies is, writes Laura Cornish.

Since its establishment over 10 years ago, Roymec Technologies has achieved significant success on the African continent, having supplied equipment and services to 13 different African countries. “While there are still some opportunities in South Africa, the real growth opportunities lie across our borders. We believe, however, that the key to achieving true success in Africa is to align ourselves with the most active mining players on the continent – who are primarily based in Canada, Australia and Asia,” says Hoosen Essack, Roymec Technologies’ sales director.

In line with its African objectives, the company has already established a local presence in South East Asia, and will look to achieve similar scenarios in Canada and Australia.

In South East Asia, Roymec Technologies has established a partnership with engineering company PWA Technology, a Malaysia-based engineering and trading company. In addition to assisting the company attain new business in this zone, including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, Roymec Technologies will look to use its local presence to springboard into Australia. “The time zone is the same, and the two regions are only separated by a six-hour flight,” Essack notes.

To further its global growth efforts, Roymec has also partnered with South American company Tecpromin. Both businesses are now aligned and working together to attain significant business on another of the world’s minerals-rich continents. Tecpromin, with offices in Chile, Peru and Argentina, is focused largely on the supply of minerals processing equipment. “With the use of Roymec Technologys’ designs, manufactured through local fabrication facilities, the equipment is tailored for the South American mining markets,” Essack states.

“Regardless of the final option we choose, there is a priority for finalisation of a business concept over the next 12 to 24 months for both Australia and Canada,” says Essack. Roymec Technologies’ strategy to align itself with relevant international mining players has a two-pronged benefit. “There is another mining trend emerging with speed,” Essack points out. He continues: “Global mining houses with projects situated across multiple continents are strategically aligning themselves with service and supply companies that have local establishments across various continents. Mining companies are showing a definite preference for choosing to work with and establish relationships with suppliers that can deliver a standard quality and service level regardless of location. We want to be such a partner for companies across the globe”.

Achieving remarkable success on a new product

Earlier this year, Roymec Technologies launched a new thickener feedwell technology into the market. Having employed the services of a Wits University postgraduate, not directly involved in the mining industry, Essack believes Dr Alexei Krassnokutski was able to offer an entirely new and fresh approach to thickeners and feedwell design and efficiency inhibitors.

“After numerous test phases, we ultimately designed the Radflow feedwell, (entirely different to any currently available feedwell on the market) which counters all of the adverse effects encountered on operating units, thereby ensuring that flocculated feed is symmetrically introduced into the thickener body.” [See the April 2012 issue for additional information.]

In the space of just a few months, the company is already supplying two of its new thickeners to the first gold plant in Azerbaijan, a further three to the Kromdraai water treatment plant in eMalahleni and another unit destined for Kazakhstan. “We predict that this novel new South African thickener design concept will revolutionise the global thickener market,” says Essack.

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