International construction and crushing specialist Husqvarna’s has not only enhanced the usefulness and flexibility of its robotic crushers, but has also provided a whole new range of options for the industries they serve.

With the widest jaw openings on the market, the new DCR 300 and DCR 100 robotic crushers take Husqvarna’s robots to a whole new level. With a crushing force of 45 t and 34 t respectively, Husqvarna crushers’ deep and wide jaw openings provide the capacity to get through walls of 430 mm and 425 mm.

Both the DCR 300 and the DCR 100 are typical Husqvarna products with well thought through, robust designs and built-in innovative solutions. Both can be equipped with crushing tips in the middle of the crushers, making for even more effective grinding. The metal cutters at the back of the jaw make it possible to cut thicker rebar.

The Husqvarna DCR 300 fits the Husqvarna DXR 310 and Husqvarna DXR 250 robots. With a robust design, the DCR 300 has a high power to weight ratio and weighs in at 274 kg (including the adapter plate and hoses). It has a depth of 195 mm and a maximum jaw opening of 430 mm.

The DCR 100 is the smaller of the two new crushers, but comes with two different jaw opening settings at 320 mm and 425 mm. This gives it an ever wider range of use. It is compatible with the Husqvarna DXR 140 robot. The DCR 100 weighs 192 kg (including the adapter plate and hoses) and has a depth of 185 mm.

The crushers are easily serviced – for example, the tips of the DCR 300 are detachable

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