Intensive mixing technology company Eirich has developed and tested the new R28 intensive mixer to capacities of 5 500 ℓ, creating a highly versatile, large-scale mixing solution that is particularly suited to ore pelletisation and preparation.

The R28 intensive mixer, supplied and supported in South Africa by industrial process company, Birkenmayer, features a throughput rate of 650 tph. This capacity is a result of high-tech designs which ensure the intensive mixing effect during operation.

Louis Eksteen, business development manager at Birkenmayer explains: “Maximum energy is directed into the mix by a set of rotating mixing tools and a rotating pan. These components efficiently separate the transportation process from the high-speed mixing, making the R28 ideal for use in various applications ranging from ore processing and cement mixing, to rubber compounds and emulsions that require true homogenisation.”

The intensive mixing principle is also employed to minimise wear and tear for lower maintenance and more economical operation.

Birkenmayer will analyse and design mixing processes for its clients to determine optimal tilt angles, mixing speeds and durations, as well as other aspects which affect final mix quality. The result is a complete mixing solution that includes the mixer’s feeding systems, measurement devices and other process-related components.

The R28 intensive mixer supports various rotor drive systems including conventional and high-torque synchronous motors. Power inputs can also be adapted for specific applications, optimising the energy usage of the plant.


Pic 1 BIR 3305 New R28 intensive mixer

The new R28 intensive mixer from Eirich features a load capacity of an incredible 5.5 Mℓ – an industry first for true homogenisation

Pic 2 BIR 3305 New R28 intensive mixer

Minimal wear and tear, as well as reduced maintenance make the R28 ideal for ore pelletisation and other forms of mine tailings processing

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