MineRP has once again raised the bar with the introduction of Mine2-4D 2012. Developed as a focused mine planning application for underground and surface mines, Mine2-4D is able to generate practical scenarios that will maximise the value of your mineral assets.

Mine2-4D is a complete, automated mine planning and scheduling system that delivers fully integrated long- and short-term mine plans, Gantt schedules linked to 3D designs, animations and reliable reconciliation.

First developed in 1999 by MineRP (then ACMS), Mine2-4D has earned an international following among mine planners, first earning its spurs in underground mines and thereafter also expanding into open cut and pits.

 Mine2-4D 2012

After initially outsourcing the distribution and publication of Mine2-4D, MineRP made a decision to fully upgrade the software from the ground up. Under the leadership of Matthew O’Callaghan, product director for Expert Solutions at MineRP, the upgrade project for the first release started in October 2011 and took the best part of 14 months to complete.

Says O’Callaghan:  “MineRP set out to deliver a completely new product – not just a facelift of the old version 12.”

“We’ve simplified the user interface and made it more modern. This means it’s easier for the user to step through all the processes needed to complete the mine plan. Streamlining all the steps from design through to the schedule, a major area of improvement lies in the way that the system handles small changes mid-process,” O’Callaghan continues.

Instead of having to reprocess all activities for any change that has been made, Mine2-4D 2012 is able to identify those changes and only process those. This dramatically speeds up the process.

Furthermore, Mine2-4D 2012 moves away from its previous proprietary file-based database and adopts an MS SQL database. This change, together with its certification to exchange data with MineRP’s  SpatialDB enterprise mining database, prepares it for significant improvements in the way it supports collaboration with other mining systems up and down the mining value chain.

 Product launch

Even though Mine2-4D 2012 has been in beta testing since June 2012, MineRP only publically revealed the new software to the market in November 2012.Mine2-4D 2012 was formally launched on 21 December 2012 and is available for purchase from MineRP’s various offices around the world or from www.minerpsolutions.com.

The Mine2-4D 2012 reveal was done during a very successful world-wide road show where the company also announced the conclusion of a transaction that will see it exit the Gijima group, to be owned by a consortium of companies including RMB Corvest, Shalamuka, Hasso Plattner Ventures and the MineRP Manco.

 Special offer

As part of its previous commitment to the market, MineRP will be offering free upgrades to all current holders of Mine2-4D v 12 or Studio 5DP licenses willing to enter into support and maintenance agreements with MineRP.

For more information about Mine2-4D 2012, or the process of upgrading to this exciting new product, please contact MineRP at info.za@minerpsolutions.com or visit the website at www.minerpsolutions.com.

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