Anglo American‘s outgoing CEO Cynthia Carroll addressed delegates at the 2013 Africa Mining Indaba, which is being held this week, says she will remain passionate about 2013 Africa Mining IndabaAfrica, Anglo American and about the mining industry .

She is positive that the commitments mining companies should make to support the development of South Africa can be implemented by mining companies in the country.

These 10 commitments – A pledge for South Africa – are even more relevant today, as they link so closely to the objectives articulated in the National Development Plan.

She outlines the Pledge for South Africa as follows:

First, a commitment to re-double efforts to achieve zero harm in the mining industry. “We cannot rest until we have a mining industry in which everyone goes home safe to their family at the end of the working day.”

Second, a commitment to promote health in the workplace and in the broader community. The mining industry can be a key partner in the South African government’s efforts to ensure good healthcare for all South Africans.

Third, a clear commitment to making mining a positive force in the environment. From water purification to clean coal to fuel cells mining can help South Africa be a world leader in the development and application of environmental technology.

Fourth, a renewed commitment to employment equity in our industry. It is time for the mining sector to deliver what it has promised and to move beyond compliance to true transformation.

Fifth, a commitment to support education and skills development in the broader community. The mining industry has a crucial role to play in supporting the development of the skills that society needs.

Sixth, a commitment to use the power of mining to create jobs. This commitment stretches beyond mining itself. Beneficiation has an important role to play, provided it is based on a sound business case and concentrates on sectors in which South Africa can have a competitive advantage. Mining companies also have a critical role to play in job creation outside the sectors related to mining and minerals.

Seventh, a commitment to complete the transformation of the ownership of our industry. “We all need to live up to the ownership commitments we have made with honesty and transparency. Anglo American Platinum is going beyond compliance. Through Project Lefa La Rona a R3.5 billion commitment that benefits over one million people we are further extending the benefits of ownership not just to our host communities, but also to our key labour-sending areas.”

Eighth, a commitment to improve housing for our employees. Mining companies must continue to work with determination to achieve good housing conditions for all their employees.
“As an industry we need to work with all our stakeholders to discuss openly how the migrant labour system can be changed to create more sustainable lives and communities.”

Ninth, a commitment to use local procurement to support South African businesses. “Local procurement makes good business sense, both for the mining industry and for our host communities. A 1% increase in local procurement would be equivalent in amount to a doubling in community social investment.”

Tenth, and finally, a commitment to be transparent and to hold each other to account. “Driving progress is not just the role of government. It is time for mining companies to hold each other to account. We have a responsibility to hold the mirror up to each other to drive each other to make the standards of the best, the standards of the entire mining industry.”

Carroll added: “As you know, this is the last occasion on which I will be speaking to you at Indaba as the chief executive of Anglo American. I will soon be handing the baton to my good friend Mark Cutifani someone who I know shares the values and the beliefs I have talked about today. I am enormously proud of everything that the Anglo American team has achieved during my six years as chief executive. Mark, this is a great company and you will have my very best wishes as you lead it forward. For my own part wherever the future takes me I will always remain a passionate ambassador: for Anglo American, for the mining industry and for South Africa itself,” she concluded.

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