Watson-Marlow Bredel SA has started a ‘no-valve metering revolution’ with the launch of its Qdos 30 pump range.

Developed in response to extensive industrial customer feedback for improved chemical metering, the Qdos 30 pump range eliminates ancillary equipment, enhances productivity and reduces chemical waste through more accurate, linear and repeatable metering than typical solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps.

“This new range of pumps can be installed in restricted environments and is suitable for chemical metering applications such as disinfection and pH adjustment of drinking water, flocculation, industrial cooling water preparation and reagent dosing in mineral processing,” says Watson-Marlow Bredel SA GM, Nico van Schalkwyk.

According to Van Schalkwyk, the pumps can safely handle caustic, abrasive, viscous, shear-sensitive and gaseous fluids, as well as those that are slurries or contain suspended solids. The Qdos 30 Universal is the premium model in the range and features a fully configurable response to the 4–20 mA input signal and 4–20 mA and alarm outputs. Four other pump variants are available in the range.

Watson-Marlow has given particular consideration to customer preferences during development of the new Qdos 30 pump,” says Van Schalkwyk. He cites the display of the residual level in the tank as an example. Users can now keep an eye on the level at a glance.

Linear dosing is another outstanding feature of the Qdos 30 series pumps, which are described as ‘valve-less pumps’. “The pumps deliver extremely accurate dosing performance, even under difficult conditions when pressure, viscosity and solids content vary,” he adds. Volume flow ranges between 0.1 and 500 mℓ/min at up to 7 bar. IP66-compliant manual, analog and Profibus control options simplify integration. In addition, the pumps do not require seals or valves, which can clog, leak or corrode.

Other features include a menu-driven intuitive HMI and clearly visible status indicators. The keypad, display and all of the input and output connections are easily accessible. ReNu pumphead technology ensures that the Qdos 30 is fully sealed for safe maintenance without the need for tools. Pumphead removal and replacement is quick and easy, reducing downtime for maintenance. No special tools are required to replace the pumphead, and technicians do not need special training to carry out the work. “It only takes a minute to replace the pumphead, which significantly reduces maintenance costs,” explains Van Schalkwyk.

The Qdos range follows the successful launch of Watson-Marlow’s Apex pumps earlier this year. Apex offers levels of versatility competitive with other available positive displacement pumps.

“The pump’s unique geometry allows easy field conversion between three different hose elements to double or triple the flow without the need to invest in a new pump,” Van Schalkwyk points out. “This low-cost scale-up provides ultimate future proofing against rising production volumes. Users can also select any type and brand of motor gearbox to suit their own specific process conditions.”

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