Recovering platinum miner Lonmin encourages worker representatives to act responsibly and within the framework of labour legislation and the recently signed industry Peace Accord, adding that expediency should not trump a collaborative, consensual if difficult process of developing a new recognition model based on inclusivity and workplace democracy.

Since December 2012, Lonmin has been in discussions with its labour unions about a new recognition dispensation that promotes industrial democracy and inclusivity. This dispensation would give an appropriate voice in recognition arrangements to all Lonmin unions.

However, Lonmin said that within this context, the majority union must be rightly recognised in a system that promotes inclusive representation, and that discussions on a new recognition dispensation were ongoing, meaning it did not yet have a new recognition agreement in place.

The miner said that Lonmin stakeholders should uphold the principles of the industry Peace Accord and support the peaceful transition to a democratic and inclusive recognition dispensation.

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