Mining in extremely remote areas is becoming more common as the world’s ‘known’ reserves deplete. This equates to a greater demand for comfort and connectivity from these regions to the outside world. NSSLGlobal provides communication systems that enable telephone and internet connection across the African continent.

“Our service includes unbeatably fast bandwidth for customers, with highly competitive airtime packages and comprehensive customer support. Our existing Ku-Band and newly launched C-band VSAT networks mean that we are able to provide broadband speeds of up to 8 MB even in the remotest locations,” says Peter Crafter, global sales director at NSSLGlobal.

According to Crafter, the company’s products are geared to enhance the quality of life and living conditions in mining locations. High broadband speeds and signal, which are more resistant to weather conditions such as rain fade, means that those on-site are able to stay connected. This leads to greater overall efficiency and improved productivity.

NSSLGlobal’s latest offering, the Broad-IP FlyAway, is a portable satellite that can be aligned via a smartphone app and phone. It is focused on delivering portable connectivity and is easy to carry in its case, unpack and set up. “We really see this type of offering as the way forward for those looking for a more temporary or flexible option,” Crafter notes.

As the mining sector is one of the multiple key industries for the company, it remains a core focus going forward.

The future

“We are always looking to advance our services and technology, which means enhancing coverage, connectivity and hardware to best suit the mining industry’s needs. So expect to see further developments to our service and hardware packages. The recent expansion of our C-Band network to offer truly global coverage is a prime example of what we’re doing.”

The new C-Band network expansion utilises three satellites to provide global coverage: NSS9, Intelsat 902 and SES 4. The bandwidth’s high resistance to weather and broad coverage footprint makes it a popular option for customers who have a need for truly global high-speed broadband, particularly those in areas affected by “rain fade”.

The new C-Band service is offered alongside NSSLGlobal’s existing Ku-Band Broad-IP service. This includes NSSLGlobal’s ‘Service Assurance’ package, which will now feature seamless failover between C- and Ku-Band services alongside an L-Band service, to provide customers with high-speeds, an ample coverage footprint for those working across the globe and extra peace of mind through two levels of redundancy.

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