Mining software solutions provider Micromine has released new functionality specific to its geological data management product Geobank. The functionality will help exploration companies improve productivity and cost efficiencies through the establishment of a data connection between Geobank and portable geochemical analyser XRF machines.

This time-saving functionality enables clients to gain rapid interpretation of a mineral’s properties while in the field, meaning geologists don’t have to wait for lab assay results to know what they are working with.

Geobank is compatible with most leading XRF models and accepts XRF data in the popular .csv format. It can also be configured to the user’s specific XRF requirements.

Steve Bastick, Geobank operations manager, explains: “Information generated by the XRF machine can be seamlessly communicated to Geobank, which provides the ideal tool to manage and make sense of the vast quantity of data generated. Geobank brings all the benefits of laboratory-style QA/QC to the XRF machine and allows users to maximise their investment in the XRF”.

Geobank’s charting and graphic reporting capabilities also provide a rapid visualisation of the XRF data. Additionally, the centralisation of data ensures that XRF results can be compared quickly and efficiently with the actual assay results once they are returned from the lab.

Micromine and Olympus, manufacturer of the Innov-X Delta XRF machine, have collaboratively developed a ‘Geobank Export Template’ specific to Innov-X Delta XRF machines. This template simplifies the configuration process, saving time and effort.

Todd Houlahan, director: International Mining Group, analytical division, Olympus NDT, explains: “Olympus and Micromine have been working towards the integration of our offerings for some time now. Because portable XRF machines allow exploration and mining companies to collect far more geochemical data than traditional laboratory techniques, the effective management of this data is vitally important.”


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