Lonmin has announced some good news for a change – something highly unexpected following its recent Marikana troubles. The troubled platinum producer has reported a record breaking 15 million fall-of-ground fatality-free shifts across its Marikana operations and another 6 million fatality-free shifts at Karee.

Mark Munroe, Lonmin’s vice president of mining has congratulated all the Lonmin employees, giving special thanks to those at Karee. “We attribute the achievement of these significant milestones to the positive and active involvement of all our employees.”

“Together, we are now reaping the fruits of a host of innovative, forward-thinking policies and the deployment of cutting edge technology aimed at immediate safety improvements, while changing thinking and behaviour to achieve long-term change. I’m really proud of what is possible when we put our hearts and minds towards a common goal,” says Munroe.

“As a team, we have achieved numerous safety milestones over many years. These milestones were achieved through a focus on leadership, simplifying systems, creating an enabling environment and the development of a safety conscious culture. Of course, the major challenge now is maintaining and building on this commendable achievement in the future,” says Simon Scott, acting chief executive.

The announcement follows Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent announcement that he will not stand for re-election as a non-executive director on the Lonmin board at the end of January 2013. He has been appointed deputy president of the ANC.

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