Global bearings supplier SKF has launched its latest product, its machine condition indicator, a low-cost vibration and temperature monitoring device designed for rotating machinery with constant operating conditions.

The new machine forms part of the company’s plans to expand and accelerate its initiatives for profitable growth and cost reductions activities aimed at reducing its annual costs by SEK 3 billion (Swedish Krona) by the end of 2015.

The machine condition indicator provides the ability to track basic machine health on assets that are not currently being monitored on a regular basis.

The device can be used indoors or outdoors, in almost any industry where rotating machines are used.

“The SKF machine condition indicator is as simple as the ‘check engine’ warning light in a car,” says Torsten Bark, product minemanager at SKF’s condition monitoring centre in San Diego.

“Once LED’s are illuminated, it alerts the predictive maintenance technician to do a root cause analysis on the machine to determine what kind of problem might be affecting its performance.”

It periodically makes two types of vibration measurements with velocity measurements made to keep track of overall machine health and highlight potential problems relating to misalignment and imbalance.

The enveloped acceleration measurements are used to detect possible bearing degradation and it monitors machine operating temperature.

It also features built-in intelligence for measurement evaluations and to avoid false alarms, an alarm status visually indicated via three LED’s.

The machine condition indicator runs on a high energy lithium battery and has a life expectancy of at least three years.

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