South Africa’s Booyco Electronics, specialising in electronic safety equipment focused on providing innovative mine safety-related products, has kept its Sentient handheld unit a leader in environmental sensing instruments.

The Sentient handheld unit is engineered with an inner mechanism that is completely sealed, which means that although individual sensor units are regularly removed and replaced, there is no opportunity for moisture to penetrate the sensitive electronics parts. This ensures the integrity of the handheld unit and guarantees its reliable performance.

It is rated to IP68 and does not have any button, which virtually eliminates maintenance requirements. The handheld sensing unit features an innovative “tap” sensor which ensures that the instrument remains watertight at all times.

It is designed to accommodate up to three “plug and play” sensors, typically CH4, CO and O2.

Among the unique features of this device is “drop protection” which automatically switches the sensor off as a protective measure if the instrument is dropped, thereby significantly increasing sensor life. The unit has been certified as Exia T4 Intrinsically Safe, and complies with relevant SANS 1515 requirements.

Booyco Electronic’s primary objective is to provide a single source supply for reliable and accurate warning, locating and monitoring systems capable of operating in the harsh African conditions.

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