In response to a significantly increased demand for specialised concrete repair work, Concor Civils, part of the Murray & Roberts Construction Group, has introduced a dedicated concrete repair division as a standalone offering trading as Murray & Roberts Concrete Repair. The new division is headed up by Pherdy le Roux, under the guidance of Joe Rader, an expert in the innovative use of concrete.

The concrete repair division is equipped to carry out the repair and rehabilitation of concrete chimney stacks, bridges and cooling towers, and to provide fast track floor coatings. For concrete chimney stacks services include, but are not limited to, concrete protection coatings, internal and external concrete repairs, using specialised access systems and a selection of repair methodologies.

On bridges, the Murray & Roberts Concrete Repair team is equipped to carry out diagnostics of the bridge structure and to implement the necessary concrete repairs and protection, apply protective coatings and replace bridge bearings and repair joints. Cooling towers are repaired and rehabilitated with protective coatings, structural strengthening and waterproofing systems, while floor finishes include polyurethane and epoxy coatings on screeds.

“Specialised concrete repair work has always been part of our civils’ service offering,” Anton Botha, managing director of Concor Civils, says. “However, in recent times our concrete repair workload has increased dramatically and it made strategic sense to create an independent team of professionals focused solely on this critical area of work.

“Working under the banner of Concor Civils, which has an excellent track record in this arena, the concrete repair division offers a high level of skills, complemented by a depth of technical and application knowledge. Its capabilities are underpinned by access to the Murray & Roberts Concrete Centre of Excellence, set up in 2010 to raise the level of construction technology in the Murray & Roberts Group and introduce new technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

“The innovative use of concrete is the watchword for the Centre for Concrete Excellence and this operating philosophy is carried over to the concrete repair business, establishing a significant market differentiator,” continues Botha.

“Generally, concrete repair work is application-specific and the solutions recommended by the new division depend on the individual requirements of the task or the problem. This team is equipped to assess the best course of action in each circumstance and to develop a sustainable solution to rectify the issue and maximise the useful life of the structure.

“The market is looking for sustainable solutions when it comes to concrete and civils work, essentially a single source contractor. The concrete repair division will, therefore, also provide valuable assistance to clients involved in small civil works, where a reputable contractor is required to carry out this work and where having the necessary skills and applications knowledge is essential.”

Recent concrete repair project highlights include major repairs to a raw meal silo at Ulco for AfriSam, repairs to Rustenburg Waste Water Treatment plant, Bospoort Water Treatment Works, Greenside Colliery, Middelburg Ferro Chrome as well as polyurethane coating at ABSA in Pretoria and at Standard Bank in Johannesburg.


Concor Civils offers a broad capability across all civil engineering disciplines, based on hard-won expertise and experience. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver quality workmanship based on an empathetic understanding of the client’s requirements. It is versatile enough to take on projects of all sizes.

The company has built a rock solid reputation based on a unique mix of commitment and motivation that never allows a team to walk away from a project. Team members know their job is about building a legacy and clients know they can trust Concor Civils to handle every aspect of a project in a transparent and ethical manner.

A full spectrum offering within the civil construction arena is underpinned by innovative solutions aimed at reducing costs for the client.

Sustainability is a primary focus that ensures that Concor Civils not only creates structures of note, but also leaves each project knowing its teams have trained and skilled other people.

Safety forms an important part of the company’s operating philosophy, guided by the Murray & Roberts Stop.Think.Act.24/7 philosophy that aims to prevent injuries and failures at group operations.

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