Acid mine drainage-focused company Mine Restoration Investments (MRI) has advised that delays to the commencement of it briquetting project will see the project being commercially commissioned in July 2013, while full production is expected in September 2013.

The company explained that excessive rainfall in the months of February 2013 to April 2013 has hindered safe working conditions on the site, resulting in the mine area being inaccessible for heavy duty transport.

MRI added that the civil work was delayed because all of the safety and medical inductions needed to be completed again to create a new system of safety documentation acceptable so that the subcontractor could go onto site.

Subsequently, due to the nature of the fill area, longer excavation was required to be performed and larger amounts of waste needed to be removed.

However, despite the delays, MRI’s management said it is still optimistic about the project and when it will go into commercial operation, and that revenues generated from this project would be used to further capitalise the company and invest and grow the business.

The company concluded that it is continuously evaluating various projects for implementation of the briquetting technology.

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