Johnson Controls Systems & Service Africa has announced the appointment of Airgear Agencies as an agent for its York chiller range.

Airgear are specialists in Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) solutions, with a focus on top-tier products from global brands and on providing quality support to the HVAC contracting and engineering community. They will be servicing the Western Cape region as well as Namibia as an agent for the York chillers.

“This appointment will allow us to further expand our presence whilst strengthening the service around our product offering in the Western CapeAirgear has the experience and expertise to take our offering to this region and also feature the skills to deliver the support levels that our customers have come to expect,” says Neil Cameron, GM of Johnson Controls Systems & Service Africa.

Adding the York chillers to Airgear’s offering will enable the company to bolster its existing offering with an internationally renowned product range. The York chillers have gained a reputation over more than three decades for innovation resulting in high efficiency and reliability, and this quality is what attracted Airgear to the brand and to Johnson Controls.

With the many available products of varying quality, it benefits both the agency and Airgear’s customers to be able to offer a reliable, renowned product offering like the York range. Airgear will strengthen the York brand with past and existing customers and contractors, showcasing how the products can meet their exacting requirements, as well as opening up untapped markets and developing new relationships in the region, particularly the dairy, fisheries and fruit packing industries, which has significant potential for growth.”

“We will not only deliver this global brand to new markets but will also offer a personalised service to our customers along with high levels of technical support that they have come to expect from us.  This is our focus going forward, and we are confident that we will be able to meet our targets. After all, in this industry, people buy from people, not from catalogues or online sales lists,” explains Johan von Holdt, owner of Airgear Agencies.

Airgear has completed technical training on the York range, as part of an on-going technical training programme. They will be supported by Johnson Controls to ensure the very best service and product delivery to customers going forward.

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