BMG Automotive has extended its range of quality branded components to now include an environmentally-friendly tyre protection sealant, designed for commercial trucking, mining and construction industries.

This new international brand, BEST tyre protection sealant, is a thixotropic and colloidal resin, containing micro fibres and recycled rubber crumb materials, with cooling agents and rust inhibitors that protect all metal parts.

BEST, which is non-toxic and water soluble, is injected into the tyre through the valve, without the need to dismantle the wheel from the machine or the tyre from the rim,” says John Black, GM of BMG Automotive. “In the event of a puncture, this sealant automatically creates patches and plugs, sealing holes caused by foreign objects. This material also eliminates leakage from hidden rubber pores and seals valve leakages and prevents air pressure leakage from the rim and o-ring.

“This sealant efficiently seals around objects embedded in the tyre up to 50 mm, prohibits internal rubber separation and also reduces overheating of the rubber mass and the metal armour of the casing.”

Benefits of this reliable and cost efficient tyre protection sealant include improved safety for the driver, reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and minimal rim assembly problems. Premature aging of tyres means extended service life.

BEST tyre protection sealant is break-down, boil and freeze resistant ( to -25°C).

BMG has also launched new REXON automotive belts and DLZ suspension components.

The company’s range of automotive components also include Autoline Premium prop shaft support bearings, which consist of quality branded NSK and NTN ball bearings, that ensure optimum performance and reliability in all conditions.

Also in the range are wheel bearing kits, clutch release and belt tensioner bearings, gearbox bearings, differential kits, oil seals, sealants and adhesives, trailer repair kits, universal joints and spark plugs.

BMG Automotive meets the need in the automotive sector for quick access to quality spares by supplying a comprehensive range of quality banded, competitively priced automotive parts, with its own unique identity.

This quality branding – Autoline and Autoline Premium – gives users the assurance that spares and accessories meet stringent standards in terms of materials, specifications and quality controls during manufacture.

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