For the global economy, 2012 was not a pleasant year. While Europe is still in the confusion of the debt crisis, in the US the influence of the American “subprime mortgage crisis” is still being felt and now it is facing a “fiscal cliff”.

This year will continue to provide both opportunities and challenges. Various economic factors of uncertainty still exist. In particular, the international economic environment remains unstable, not only does it test China‘s economy but its mining industry as well. However, although the global economic uncertainty may still continue, Chinese mining enterprises show growing interest in the global mining and metal industries which also show promise of further developments.

Hosted by China’s Ministry of Land and Resources, Tianjin Municipal Government and China Mining Association, the 15th annual China Mining Conference and Exhibition will be held at Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center from November 2nd to 5th, 2013. The forthcoming 2013 China Mining has already attracted a warm positive response in the field of international mining. Several of the world’s top mining countries have expressed their interest to organize strong delegations to attend both the conference and exhibition.

Explore Opportunities in Market Downturn

In 2012, due to the impact of falling commodity prices and global economic uncertainty, the needs of the whole global mining market shrank. The economy downturn marks the shuffling stage for mining players in a battle for survival of the fittest, whilst mergers and restructuring within the industry has brought both opportunities and challenges to mining firms. Stakeholders believe that the Chinese mining industry is in a stronger position to become more prominent in a weak market, that they should assess the situation and take a bold initiative to strive for a greater voice in the international mineral market thus securing greater safety for the Chinese mining industry.

In recent years, we have witnessed that Chinese companies have become increasingly active overseas, further mergers and acquisitions, as well as the emergence of more and more high-quality projects. With the help of Chinese government’s policy support from the “New Government Policy with 36 Articles” on private capital and National Prospecting Breakthrough Strategy Action, the will for private enterprises to “going out” has become stronger, and their space and proportion in mining field have also become bigger.

Mining experts have growing confidence in the economies of emerging countries, especially in the ability of China to continue its economic growth. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, since 2010, China‘s direct foreign investment ranked fifth in the world and mainly concentrated in mining, energy, finance and manufacturing industries. The Chinese government encourages state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to actively “go out” to invest in overseas mineral resources. The Chinese government will vigorously promote it’s support for the ecology, adhere to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, keeping a foothold in the resource potential of the domestic mining industry, as well as improving China‘s mineral comprehensive support capabilities.

CHINA MINING 2013 Builds Cooperation Platform

As one of the world’s largest mineral investment, cooperation and trading platforms, China Mining Conference and Exhibition covers the whole value chain, including geological surveying, exploration development, mining investment & financing, smelting & processing, technique & equipment, mining services, mining rights trading and many more. It plays an important role in creating more communication and cooperation opportunities for relevant domestic and international industry communities. Last year’s event achieved tremendous success, 429 exhibitors and 6000 delegates from 57 countries joined China Mining 2012; agreements for 89 projects worth a total of RMB 13.227 billion were signed during the conference.

In the same way as last year, China Mining 2013 will still consist of three parts: Conference, Exhibition and Coherent Events. During the conference, government officials, industry leaders and experts from both Chinese and foreign mining industries will have in-depth mining dialogues on issues related to the mining industry. The topics will cover summits with keynote sessions, global mining development forum, and several stream sessions, including policies & financing, prospecting & exploration, country investment, mining commodities as well as mining sustainability and so on.

The 15th China Mining Exhibition 2013 will further strengthen the mining exploration and exploitation of project results, open up the development of new technologies for mining mineral resources, the development of new equipment, large and small mining machinery, precision instruments, as well as major projects, enhance the display of mineral specimens, and highlight the exhibition area of mining rights trading. The number of standard exhibitor’s booths is expected to reach more than 1400; the exhibition has an area over 26000 square meters. Apart from standard displays, it also has a mining country area, and a special construction area set up for an exhibition of special equipment as well as the China Mining Equipment Show.

World’s Mining Giants Looking Forward to Gathering in Tianjin

As a China mining international co-brand, after 14 years of development, China Mining Conference and Exhibition has become the global mining sector access to technical information, the sharing of development experiences, as well as an important platform for business cooperation. The curtain has just come down on a victorious 2012 Mining Conference; this year’s forthcoming new China Mining event has attracted a warm response from the International scene.

Mining countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa and Argentina will establish pavilions located in the mining country area. Moreover, countries such as Russia, Mongolia and Chile, have expressed that they are going to send delegations to attend the exhibition. The total booth numbers within the mining country area will be exceeding 100; these countries have expressed great enthusiasm for Chinese investors. When the conference opens, there will be more domestic and foreign industry exhibitors and participants, this high-end platform will aid their plans for business expansion and friendly cooperation.

“Coming to Tianjin this beautiful northern Chinese city has become the thing which the world’s mining giants anticipate most.” said Anil Arora, assistant Deputy Minister of NRCan’s Minerals and Metals Sector in China Mining 2012. He expressed, China Mining gathered global mining experts and outstanding enterprises together and provided an important and valuable platform of communication and cooperation.

In China, the situation of becoming an increasingly important mining investment country, producing an environment for investors, a resource consuming and resource producing country, China‘s mining industry is not only an important foundation for China‘s economic development, but has also become an important part of the consumption and demand of world resources. People in or outside the industry can both see through the window of China Mining Conference and Exhibition, the prospect of development and a prosperous tomorrow for the China mining industry.

Now the 15th China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2013 is available for booking and warmly welcomes government mining officials, financiers, mining companies, mining equipment/device suppliers and other mining players to join. To find your business opportunities at China Mining 2013, you can attend as Delegate, Exhibitor and Event Speaker and Sponsor.

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