Zambia-focused manganese company Kaboko Mining says commercial scale mining at the company’s northern Zambian manganese project at Mansa is fully operational and exceeding expectations.

The company reveals that it has removed an initial overburden of 8 000 m3 and extracted an estimated 6 000 tons of high grade manganese ore from the main vein. The main vein ore is currently on site in a stockpile waiting to be crushed with the arrival of Kaboko’s crusher plant purchased from SBM in China.

“We are extremely excited as we have achieved the target set in May and the initial indications are that we will be able to continue our production of 5 000 tpm of main vein production in line with budgeted costs. Where we have exceeded expectations is with the manganese mineralisation of the overburden and the much wider main vein reef than previously targeted,” said Kaboko Mining’s CEO Tokkas Van Heerden.

Kaboko noted that the plant is scheduled to be erected and operational by mid July 2013. The main stockpile was tested at the company’s on site laboratory and through independent geo chemical analysis.

Meanwhile, testing of the overburden has identified that it has manganese mineralisation and can be processed as fines with a 20% recovery to produce a 50% plus product.

The company admitted that processing of the overburden was not previously part of the short-term mining plan but test results show that this stockpile contains about 20% of “potato” manganese which tests at approximately 50%.

Further, the stockpile of these unprocessed fines is around 6 450 m3. Processing of the overburden decrease overall production costs of manganese ore from the main vein and produced an additional 3 000 tons of sellable ore a month, taking targeted production to 8 000 tpm by Q4 2013.

Kaboko said that in addition to current production activities, drilling will commence mid July with an aim of testing further manganese outcrops and establishing a maiden JORC resource scheduled for Q3 2013.

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