The Cat K Series Tooth System is a ground breaking design that sets new performance standards for tip retention, ease of change-outs and long-term sharpness.

The low-profile shape of the Cat K Series Tooth System provides better penetration and digging ability, placing less stain on the machine and extending ground engaging tool (GET) wear material usability by between 10 and 15% when compared to other GET options, with major downstream benefits that include faster cycle times and greater bucket fills. Tips can be run in one direction, then “flipped,” or reversed, to get the maximum use of wear material.

Installation and removal of Cat K Series GET is facilitated by a twist-on design that fits smoothly onto the adapters welded to the bucket. On both sides of the adapter, rails angle or slope in opposite directions to provide this twist-on motion when the tip is installed.

Each GET tooth securely locks in place via the installation of a vertical retainer, which is inserted and latches securely into a slot in the tip. This retainer is replaced with a new unit following each subsequent GET change-out.

“During operation, the harder the bucket digs in tough materials, the tighter the tip screws onto the adapter,” explains Barloworld Equipment group product specialist, Deon Delport. (Barloworld Equipment is the Cat dealer for southern Africa).

The Cat K Series Tooth System is either supplied in hammerless or drive-through configuration, which depends on the size of the GET tip and the wheel loader or hydraulic excavator model match. When removing worn teeth a standard prying tool is used to disengage the ‘latch’ for removal of the hammerless retainer. In turn, the drive-through retainer is removed from the top or bottom of the tip using low force with a light hammer and punch. In both cases, fast replacement of GET minimises machine downtime.

“The vertical orientation of the K Series retainer makes installation and removal much easier than comparable side-pinned systems,” adds Delport. “Additionally, a precise fit between the tip and adapter limits movement and wear, improving tip retention and providing longer adapter life.”

Comprehensive tip options are available, ranging from Penetration Plus to General Duty, Heavy Penetration and Heavy Abrasion, to suit varied digging conditions.

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