Atlas Copco is introducing a new generation of light towers that significantly reduce environmental impact.

The new QLTS light towers meet customer demand for highly efficient and sustainable portable lighting equipment and are charged by the sun during the day and are powered by batteries during the night and have a very low life cycle cost. Customers enjoy the value of not having to use costly fuel to operate, no engine and alternator to maintain and that they are noiseless.

As the QLTS solar light towers are powered by the sun during the day, no fuel is required when they are called on to work. The highly efficient AGM batteries are charged by the sun and provide clean, reliable power to the LED lights. With sufficient sunlight during the day, these towers can provide needed light for days without requiring a charge.

“We are confident that this next generation of portable lighting will have a positive impact on both the environment and our customers,” says Chuck Westhofen, Factory Product Manager / Rock Hill for Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy Division. Westhofen adds that the light tower project was a natural complement to the QLT series of diesel powered light towers.

The QLTS series comes standard with both manual and automatic photocell controlled on/off requiring no user input.  LED lights begin to work immediately so they get right to work without delay.

Maintenance is minimised as there are no engine and alternator, reducing the environmental impact as well as the life cycle cost.  No oils, filters or fluids are required for routine maintenance.

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