Atlas Copco is launching a new, compact rig for rock bolting in small to medium sized tunnels and drifts. The rig, called Boltec S, is fully mechanised.

With this launch, Atlas Copco is filling a gap in the market in terms of small, fully mechanised rock bolting rigs,” says David Shellhammer, division president for Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation. “We’re glad to be able to offer a rock bolting rig that fits the smallest tunnels and mines. No-one should ever have to work beneath unsupported ground, and with this rig you will be able to eliminate manual bolting which, in many cases, has previously been the only option in this segment.”

“The low operating height is due to the short dead length on the feed and the low cabin height,” explains Paul A O’Neill, product manager at Atlas Copco. “The Boltec S has a dead length of only 1.1 m, which is the best in its class.”

The Boltec S can operate in drifts as low as 2.8 m and up to 7.5 m, and can be equipped with the new, 14 kW COP 1435 rock drill offering up to 30% faster drilling than the lighter 11 kW COP 1132. At the same time, both rock drills are built from the same, short housing parts, giving maximum room for installing longer bolts.

Another feature is a new operator panel with only two multifunctional levers that control the whole operation from drilling to bolting.



A new resin injection steering system, which is also controlled from the operator panel,               makes the loading of resin cartridges into the pre-drilled hole a lot easier since it is not                 necessary to move the whole bolting unit.

The bolting unit is mounted in a forward facing position. This makes it easier to install     bolts in both the left and right hand corners, and also allows for face bolting when            necessary. The bolt carousel can be loaded in a vertical position, resulting in a much         faster re-load time and a better working environment for the operator.

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