The 21st century will be an African century of transformation and the resource industry has the potential to drive Africa’s growth for the next 10 years.

So said the Australian Federal Minister for Resources and Energy, the Hon Gary Gray at the 2013 Africa Down Under conference Ministerial dinner last night in Perth, Australia.

He said the Africa of today is a vastly different continent from even 10 years ago with investment in mining having grown rapidly in African countries as a result of a number of factors. “Peace, followed by political, economic and financial reforms have laid the foundations for economic growth. Fundamental to this African economic growth has been the strongly performing resources sector, underpinned by improved governance, political systems and economic management.” 

He called Australia a great mining country and continent that is very active on the African continent. “We have skills, experience and technology. And we’re sharing those skills, technology and that experience, where it is wanted, with Africa. In fact, Australian minerals and resource companies have more projects in Africa than any other region outside of Australia.

Paydirt 2013 Africa Down Under Conference is Australia’s largest mining conference, and kicked off on Wednesday, in Perth, Australia. A showcase for the $40 billion investment to date by Australian mining companies, explorers and suppliers, in co-developing Africa’s vast mineral wealth and its mining industry – and largest gathering in the world of Federal and African resources ministers and business heads outside of the African continent – the three day conference runs over two hotel venues in the Perth CBD.

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