Exploration activities for Nachu Graphite Project in SE Tanzania have confirmed graphitic mineralisation below the trench base.

Uranex, and ASX-listed company, commenced with a Ground based Electromagnetic (EM) survey in late August, completing over 30 line kilometres of the planned 120 line kilometres.

The initial EM results from the T1 area shows the conductivity at greater than 30m depth correlates extremely well with the geology logged in the trench. “The lithological contacts and faulting that were mapped in Trench T1 indicated steep structures dipping to the west. This is confirmed by the 888 Hz results from the EM Survey,” says Uranex.

All in-trench pits confirm the continuation of graphitic mineralisation below the trench base. “The correlation between the surface lithology from the trench and the conductor behaviour at depth is beyond coincidence,” says Uranex.  Graphitic mineralization is associated with areas of very high conductivity.

The focus of Uranex for the coming weeks will be on completing the EM survey and continuing trenching once the EM results and more assay results have been received. “It is extremely exciting that the EM survey is indicating graphitic mineralisation at depths of over 30m, enhancing the Nachu Graphite Project and the ability for the next few steps in the exploration programme to further define the graphite potential.”

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