Blackthorn Resources’ Mumbwa large-scale prospecting licence in Zambia has been successfully renewal for a 7th year.

According to Zambian legislation, a licence may be renewed twice for a total of six years and a prospecting licence may also be further renewed for a final 1-year term. Blackthorn, an ASX-listed company, has been successful in securing this additional year.

“We are very pleased that the Mumbwa licence has been successfully renewed for a 7th year,” says Scott Lowe, Blackthorn Managing Director. “Security of tenure is absolutely critical for any exploration and mining company and this renewal is an important step in the process along the ‘Path to Production.’ The Company enjoys a positive reputation with the Zambian Government and we look forward to submitting a mining licence application in due course.”

The Mumbwa licence hosts the flagship Kitumba deposit in Zambia of Blackthorn Resources.

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