President Jacob Zuma officially re-opened the Grootvlei Power Station, which will play a part in Eskom’s efforts to keep the lights on, writes Vicky Sidler.

The reopening of Grootvlei and other build programmes will help to reverse the electricity difficulties the country has been experiencing since 2007. “The return to service of this Power Station will also contribute to easing the electricity demand requirements on the National Grid by providing maintenance space for other power stations,” says President Zuma.

Grootvlei Power Station, the President said, “adds to the progress we are making with Eskom’s return-to-service projects which also include Camden and Komati power stations. We are pleased that this station, which was built in the late 1960’s and was mothballed in 1990 due to excess power at the time, is being returned to service following the R7.2 billion upgrade.”

“We have prioritised infrastructure development because it is critical to enabling and promoting economic growth. Our roads, railways, ports, pipelines, airports, dams, power stations, transmission and distributions lines form the backbone for economic growth and also contribute to an improvement in the quality of life,” promises Zuma.

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