The D220x300 offers the strength to meet a wide range of project specifications.

Powered by a 298-kW Xi’an-Cummins engine, the D220x300 HDD is designed for large installations with 99,790 kg of thrust/pullback and 40,675 Nm of rotational torque.

Closed loop hydraulic circuits power the main functions of rotation, push/pull and drilling fluid flow, giving exceptional performance and efficiency, and providing contractors increased productivity. If a jobsite requires a steep entry angle for a tough crossing, the D220x300 has a drill entry angle up to 24 degrees. A standard, climate-controlled operator’s cabin improves comfort and productivity by centralizing all major drilling functions.

An optional 5-rod stager/loader increases drilling time and efficiency. The optional crane reduces the need for support equipment on the jobsite to load/unload tooling and rod. An optional on-board drilling fluid pump provides a self-contained drilling system; and for larger projects, the on-board pump can be used in combination with a standalone pump.

Vermeer Equipment Suppliers in Southern Africa is one of the most recognised brands in surface mining and underground construction.Vermeer maintains a strong customer focus, committed to providing service excellence in terms of product expertise, market knowledge, certified service and genuine parts back-up, as well as training for staff, customers and contractors’ crews.

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