REFRA.reSources has introduced a new software product designed to reduce operational costs at pyro-process industries.

Coming after the success of last year’s release of REF.ref, which provided 3-D modeling, a refractory historian and optimized refractory decision making, engineers at REFRA.reSources, looked closer into providing better present state documentation and creating refractory budgets.

Intended for the advanced organization with thorough technical support and skill, REF.ex still provides the refractory modeling and mapping clients have come to expect from REFRA.reSources but now the “Refractory Experts”, are in control, creating their own models and updating the important database functions.

REF.exTM is further expanded to provide new Design Journals allowing clients to document, with each inspection or repair, the critical details of that inspection/repair with models, JPGs, photos, tables…even spreadsheets and customized budget and design tables.

This forms a fully customizable cost/budget reference allowing budget and cost histories along with forecasting future repairs to three, or even five-year, projections after inspecting and documenting the condition of the refractories.

“Our products support a variety of hi-temperature processors, from the small shop to the international conglomerate. Advanced organizations with the advanced skill sets to model in 3D and manage SQL databases needed a tool like REF.ex that removed them from dependence on third party support,” said Ken Rone, principal at REFRA.reSources.

“This new proprietary application fills that void allowing those with expert skills to independently advance the value that our products bring to their best-practices initiatives.”

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