Diamond Products is making the purchasing process easier for its small to medium business customers by launching an online shop.

Diamond Products director Brian Clark notes that the increase in organisations using the internet as a vehicle to purchase products has inspired the company to take its business into the digital age through its new online store – available at

“There is a growing trend in online shopping and the new Diamond Products online store, which we are aiming to officially launch in November 2013. This will benefit small to medium contractors that are limited  for time, and who are price conscious. The establishment of an online store will also enable us to offer an improved value-added service on our comprehensive range of products,” he explains.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the Diamond Products online store, mobile customers that are frequently required to travel to various jobsites can easily access the website via a computer or smartphone, in order to purchase any tools required for a specific project.

According to Clark, all products purchased online can be delivered directly onsite the next day, thereby eliminating travel costs for collecting customers. “Another advantage for the customer is the fact that the online shop operates throughout the week, including Sundays.”

By purchasing products directly from Diamond Products through the online shop, Clark highlights the fact that that the company is able to directly and interactively assist customers with in-depth expertise on the application of the correct tools for numerous applications.

“The Diamond Products online store will enable us to engage with the customer directly, in order to ensure that we are fully meeting their expectations, by offering an integrated package that includes the highest level of service, competitive pricing and backup and support,” he concludes.

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