MSA Africa has officially launched the advanced Gallet F1XF fire helmet to the local firefighting industry, suitable for emergency response teams on mines.MSA is recognised as a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated products that protect people’s health and safety, and MSA Africa senior product manager HEFHC (Head, Eye, Face, Hearing and communications) Loren Pearson states that the next generation Gallet F1XF fire helmet will add substantial value to the local firefighting industry.

“The Gallet F1XF fire helmet boasts a number of exciting features, including a stylish high temperature resistant shell that is available in two sizes (medium or large) to ensure a perfect fit for all user profiles. A high temperature resistant face shield is available in a clear or gold coated option, which provides extended coverage and field of vision in dangerous situations,” she explains.

Pearson highlights the fact that the Gallet F1XF fire helmet is based on a modernised design and is approved according to EN443:2008 standards for firefighting in buildings and numerous other structures. “In addition, the face shield and ocular visor meet EN14458 approvals too.”

Additional benefits of the Gallet F1XF fire helmet include a robust and user-friendly head size adjustment system, a padded and adjustable chinstrap with quick release buckle, as well as a quick fit adjustable mask connection system for use with a helmet-mounted breathing apparatus face piece.

Pearson reveals that the modular construction of the Gallet F1XF is a new operational feature that allows for swift and effective care, maintenance and assembly of spare parts, while an extended impact liner provides additional side impact protection. “The Gallet F1XF fire helmet also boasts a selection of mounted headsets for enhanced communication capabilities through long range PMR radios, which saves more time in critical situations.”

In 2002, MSA acquired helmet manufacturer Gallet, which launched the original F1 helmet system in 1985 and became the first manufacturer to introduce a jet style, full coverage structural fire helmet that revolutionised firefighter head protection.

“Since then, this iconic product has been selected and used by more than 1, 7 million firefighters in over 80 countries. Today more than ever, MSA strengthens this commitment to the fire service by releasing the Gallet F1 XF fire helmet, which is readily available to meet the toughest requirements of firefighters from around the globe,” Pearson concludes.

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