Johnson Matthey will stop publishing its Platinum Review, a market review of supply and demand for the platinum group metals, after 28 years.

This comes after Anglo American Platinum ended its funding for the research, Johnson Matthey announced at the Platinum 2013 Review held in Johannesburg on 12 November 2013, writes Vicky Sidler.

“We are presenting the last of our Platinum Reviews, which we have been producing since 1985. We have for many years been involved with Anglo American Platinum as their marketing agents, running market development programmes as part of the contract.

“That contract is not continuing into 2014. The production and distribution of our Platinum Reviews has been part of that arrangement, which means that from next year, we are unable to continue it,” a  spokesperson said at the event.

“However, our market research team is still operating and will still be analysing the markets. What we are planning to do is to make the data available essentially to business partners and partners of Johnson Matthey in the near future. We haven’t finalised those arrangements yet.”

According to Johnson Matthey’s Platinum 2013 Review, platinum demand in 2013 is forecast to exceed primary and secondary supplies by 605,000 oz. Offtake by industrial users and investors is expected to outweigh a fall in auto and jewellery demand. A third consecutive year deficit is likely in 2014.

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