A community populated by people who mostly survive on indigent grants fights the open cast mining practices of Australian owned Mining Operation – Mintails – which is doing unrestrained blasting only 150 meters away from their homes.

This community say that a process of public participation was not engaged in and they were not consulted by government officials or company officials about the open cast mining and blasting. They simply heard blasts and sustained structural damage to their homes.

Now the community are demanding that the mining operation close down completely as they see no solution to this destruction of their homes and impact on their health.

They are not impressed with the court interdict obtained by Mogale City to close the mine while further inspections are done – calling this a smokescreen to destract from obvious irregularities in the granting of the mining license by both government officials and Mintails

They have repeatedly requested a copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment – but this has been refused on the grounds that this is …..

The struggle against this dangerous and destructive mining operation continues and the community want the truth to be revealed and those involved in the irregularities to be arrested and they want the mine shut down with immediate affect.

Source: mediaforjustice

Source URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsGv9dmTauY

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