The Tech Edge Group of Johannesburg has designed a mobile rescue winder for application in the hard-rock mining sector.

This follows the group’s successful unveiling of a locally designed and manufactured mobile rescue winder for Mines Rescue Services collieries mine rescue system.

Goedehoop unveiling

The complete system was unveiled at a recent function at Goedehoop Colliery near Witbank, with the ‘proudly South Africa’ mobile rescue winder taking pride of place.

“We have another machine, about 2.5X the size of the collieries one, designed for use in hard-rock mining,” Tech Edge Group MD Russell Moore told Inside Mining.

Collieries version

Moore explained that the while the collieries version was designed to rescue one person at a time from a depth of 1.3 km, the hard-rock version is designed to rescue five people at a time from 3 km. “The scale is different, but the operating principles are exactly the same.”

“Depending on the client’s needs, we can we can upscale it. We are pretty flexible as we have the capacity and the capability,” said Tech Edge COO John Bassill.

Larger hard-rock machine

“The whole point of our larger hard-rock machine is that you do not have to drill a hole. Generally speaking, the South African mining industry requires mines to have a secondary outlet.

“Thus if your main shaft hoisting system is impacted by a seismic event and you cannot hoist people, our machine has a ‘go anywhere’ capability, along with complete back-up power and an 8WD. It can go anywhere and lower down any shaft.”

Moore added that the hard-rock version can be used for various other purposes such as shaft inspection services. “In our opinion, especially given the emphasis on mine health and safety these days, it is an absolutely essential piece of equipment,” he said.

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