Gilat Satcom, provider of satellite and fibre-based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, has developed a voice connectivity system for people working in underground mines.

Traditionally, communication with underground workers has been done via temporary coaxial-based cables, which are prone to damage and unsuitable for many locations.

Gilat Satcom’s SuricatePRO service provides coverage extension for standard satellite phones extending telephony underground without loss of signal quality.

Cost-effective and reliable

Gilat Satcom CEO Dan Zajicek believes that African mining companies will benefit from the system. “Communicating with workers in underground mines has always been problematical. Our system is extremely reliable, cost-effective and market-proven. We are actively reaching out to mining companies in Africa where we know our system will be of great benefit,” he says.

SuricatePRO takes advantage of Foxcom’s RF-over-fibre technology. Users of the technology need to install outdoor and indoor units connected via fibre, which spans up to 6km.

Iridium satellite telephone (satphone) users in the room can immediately access the Iridium constellation as if they had clear sky view.

The company has been providing a similar system to underground bunkers operated by military forces around the world. According to the company, the system has been adapted to cope with the harsh conditions found within the mining environment.

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