Turnkey flotation systems provider DOCKPRO Southern Africa will showcase the Candock modular floating systems at Electra Mining Africa 2014.

DOCKPRO Candock systems, which have been applied to various industries, are modular and therefore easy to transport, easy to assemble and easy to reconfigure or expand.

The company’s mission is to supply turn-key flotation solutions for any water based mining and industrial applications.

Infinite solutions

All DOCKPRO Candock systems can be equipped with railings, A-frames and any other custom requirements, incorporating local engineering and fabrication and offering infinite solutions for various mining applications, reports DOCKPRO.

The company says that a development team working with fabricators to construct customised designs together with the fabrication of systems and accessories according to each mining customer’s requirements.

Flotation solutions include pump platforms, pen stock access walkways, vehicle bridges and pontoons.

Modular cubes

The cubes are highly resistant to impact, extreme climates, the adverse effects of water and the sun’s UV rays, and a wide range of chemicals.

The dock stability, nonslip surface and high load capacity of 68 kg per cube, are characteristics that provide an ideal product for mining and industrial customers.

Cube design and manufacture

Candock cubes are manufactured using a highly advanced blow moulded design developed in Canada.

This produces a strong high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cube, providing rigidity, stability and strength to cope with extreme wear and tear.

The assembly design also allows great flexibility to cope with rough water conditions and fluctuating water levels.

Enviro-friendly through durability

The durability of the Candock systems fulfil the trend toward environmentally friendly solutions, since it does not leaking harmful chemicals into the water.

It is also maintenance free; thereby not requiring potentially harmful paint or varnishes, and the product is manufactured from fully recyclable HDPE.

DOCKPRO product uses:

  •  Pump platforms for dams, reservoirs, slurry and tailings dams
  •  Walkways to access penstocks, pump systems, pipes etc
  •  Jetties for commercial operations or leisure applications
  •  Pontoons for commercial work such as welding and painting
  •  Custom projects to access or float anything
  •  Dry Docking Candock Patented Jetslide system keeps boats out the water and prevents fouling

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