The Mineral Resources Portfolio Committee of Parliament in South Africa will develop a comprehensive plan to address challenges in the mining industry, according to reports.

The Mineral Resources Portfolio Committee chairperson Sahlulele Luzipo said that the committee would engage in ‘strategic planning’ with the intention of formulating actionable proposals for the sector.

Meeting with stakeholders

The Committee met with stakeholders in the mining industry on Wednesday, in Parliament to discuss the challenges in the industry.

Luzipo said that oversight on implementing the plan would be provided by the committee, adding that the intention of the meeting with mining stakeholders was an interactive session to confront challenges in the industry.

“We invited both labour and employers to come and give us their perspective… to also tell us how they view the committee in terms of expectations of working with the committee,” stated Luzipo.

Number of issues

Luzipo said that there were a number of issue laid on the table that could not necessarily be resolved within the scope of the Parliamentary committee’s capacity.

Some of the issues that were raised by the stakeholders in the mining industry included violence during strikes, tax, transfer pricing, foreign ownership, security of workers and environmental relations.

There were labour issues and other matters of a commercial nature that could not be address by the committee, but that were brought up by stakeholders.


“Once you play your oversight role as a committee you also don’t want to find yourself over crouching into another territory that may not necessarily fall within your scope,” commented Luzipo.

He said that the portfolio committee would not cross over or tread on other parliamentary or legislative bodies in government, but that proposals will be drafted based on the ‘strategic plan’ to address the challenges in the mining industry.

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