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Strategic insight into the New Mozambican Gas and Petroleum Law, Fiscal Law and Subsidiary Laws post enactment.

This is the highest quality content available on the market. And your only opportunity to access information on the upcoming major overhauls in the Mozambican market for the resource sector.

Exclusive Market Briefing

22 October 2014 – The Lakes Hotel & Conference Centre, Johannesburg

The NEW Mozambique Gas and Petroleum Legal Framework

An in depth examination of the NEW regulatory environment

• The framework for the development of an LNG industry in Mozambique
• Creating future domestic market obligations under the new laws
• Unveiling the new subsidiary laws to follow within 180 days of the New Petroleum Law
• Unravelling the provisions for new facilities
• Exclusive Update – Model Exploration and Production Concession Contract (EPCC)
• Identifying the new Government applications in the transfer of all petroleum rights
• Making adjustments in the preferential procurement of local goods and services
• Identifying key adjustments for local registration requirements
• The enactment of the Law on Public–Private Partnerships, Large Scale Projects, and Business Concessions (2011)
• Establishing the concepts for a Facilities Concession Contract for LNG
• Updating the Fiscal Law for Petroleum Activities
• Reviewing concession contracts and facilities development plans

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