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Strategic insight – New Tax Laws for the Resource Sector in Mozambique

This is the highest quality content available on the market. And your only opportunity to access information on the upcoming major overhauls in the Mozambican market for the resource sector.

Exclusive Market Briefing

21 October 2014 – The Lakes Hotel & Conference Centre, Johannesburg

Resource Taxation experts, policy makers, leading business figures and high profile commentators will converge to discuss issues at the intersection of public policy and commercial practice, arising under the new tax dispensation

Unveiling key changes in the tax landscape in Mozambique:

• Key insights into the current general framework for hydrocarbons and understanding how the general framework will change
• Gain exclusive first hand insight into the New Tax Law for Mining and Hydrocarbons
• Tax Adjustments and Obligations under the New Petroleum and Gas Tax Law and the New Mining Tax Law
• Understanding the reduction of available tax benefits under the new laws
• What are the main trends and current issues in the taxation of oil, gas, and minerals?
• What methodologies are available to assess the economic impact of alternative tax arrangements on particular projects?

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