APC Storage Solutions SA will be showcasing its warehouse storage solutions at Electra Mining Africa for the first time at Nasrec Expo in Johannesburg from 15 to 19 September.

The company will be exhibiting two of its key products in the Movirack and the Radio-Shuttle Mole at the event billed as southern Africa’s largest mining, industry, machine tools and electric trade show.

Maiden showing

APC Storage Solutions SA MD Fred Albrecht is enthusiastic about the company’s maiden Electra Mining Africa presence.

“With such large numbers of attendees, Electra Mining Africa offers a great forum for us to connect with both existing and new customers, not only showcasing our extensive product range, but positioning ourselves as a world-class warehouse storage solutions provider that is at the forefront of international trends and technology,” explains Albrecht.

Lowering costs

The Movirack and the Radio-Shuttle Mole are integral components in lowering the per-pallet cost of storage applications by providing handling solutions that eliminate or reduce the role of traditional material handling equipment, states APC.

This minimises allotted aisle space required for their operation to increase storage density.

While these innovations enhance pallet density, they represented two separate approaches to achieve it, says the company.

Storage applications

Movirack is a laterally mobile storage racking infrastructure, which eliminates the need for static aisle spaces, opening individual lanes for access only when required in a fully automated, specified sequence.

The Movirack retains direct access to each pallet bay, while increasing pallet density by as much as 80% to 120% for fast, frequent handling and reduced per pallet costs.

Remote-controlled conveyance

The Radio-Shuttle Mole is deployed on a receiving racking lane by a forklift, from where it offers automated, remote-controlled pallet conveyance to the designated bay.

The Radio-Shuttle eliminates the need for static aisle space in between lanes required for forklift operation.

Pallet moles can be deployed on either end of a lane, enabling both FIFO (First-in first-out) and LIFO (Last-in first-out) applications.

In addition to increased storage density, the Radio-Shuttle reduces pallet handling time and lowers the risk of personnel and equipment accidents.


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