Diversified exploration company Newfield Resources has confirmed that the kimberlite discovery at Lake Popei, in Sierra Leone, to be diamondiferous.

The Australian-listed company recovered four microdiamonds from the tests which were conducted for microdiamond mineralisation on the historical drill core.

Major milestone

The discovery of diamondiferous kimberlite is a major milestone for the company as it was discovered outside the proximity of the known diamond fields in Sierra Leone.

“This exciting development contributes to the further understanding of longstanding speculation as to an alternative source of alluvial diamonds occurring outside of the Koidu and Tongo diamond fields,” said the company in a statement.

Identifying additional kimberlites

The discovery confirms the company’s objective of identifying additional diamondiferous kimberlites within its identified targets.”

Newfield plans to accelerate its work programme to confirm the occurrence of macro diamonds at Lake Popei and will commence with additional exploration programmes to define a resource from the alluvial gravel that overlies the diamondiferous kimberlite.

The company will now accelerate its forward-work programme over the projected area over the coming months following the confirmation of the diamondiferous nature of Lake Popei.

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